Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wooden Christmas Forest

I’m taking an extra turn this month. Carrie just moved into her new house and has not been able to get internet yet. I’m glad I get to do one of her posts. She is very creative and I’m sure when she is back online she will have some great things to share.
My hubby built me the nicest entry cabinet this past year so I have one more piece of furniture to decorate for Christmas. It has a shelf just off the floor. After making wooden pumpkins for fall I thought I should just continue this look and do trees for Christmas.

I used 2X2 cut into lengths. The trees are 2", 3.5”. 5”, 6.5” and 8” for the 5th layer on the tallest one. The trunks are 5.5”, 6”, and 7”. These can be any size you want, these made it fit in the area I had. I sanded the edges so they are crooked on the green part of the trees and rounded the trunks. Next drill a 3/8” hole partly into the top piece and trunk. Drill just a little bigger through the center of each of the middle pieces of the trees. I cut 3/8” dowels to fit from the top through the trees to the trunk.

Next I painted the branches a variety of greens and the trunk and base brown. My hubby drilled holes and screwed the trunks to a base (9.5" X 8.5” a scrap of wood we had). This gives them a solid base to sit on so they don’t tip over when bumped.
After they are dry sand the edges to give them dimension. This is the part that confuses my hubby. 'Why make it new and pretty then sand it and make it look old?' he always asks.
  Next I used Krylon Crystal Clear to varnish them so they are easier to keep clean. Then using the dowels stack them to make trees, twisting each branch just a little. You could probably glue them together but I opted not to so they will store easier laying flat.

Add a little ‘snow’ (I used quilt batting since I always seem to have extra and our only store here didn’t have any of the ‘fake snow’) presents (wrapped blocks) and whatever else you have to create a winter wonderland scene. Step back and enjoy.
I hope you are enjoying getting ready for Christmas as much as our family is. This is such a great time of year. While getting ready make lots of memories with your family.
Merry Christmas.


  1. What unusual wooden block Christmas trees !

  2. Super duper cute!! I love how chunky they are, and the angles of the wood are fabulous!!


  3. Those are adorable. I am featuring this at today. Grab my "featured" button.