Monday, March 7, 2011

Easy Motto

A few weeks ago I was at a training for scouts and it was mentioned that young adults are quitting at things more so than in the past, and the cause is that we aren't teaching our kids to do hard things.  So, as soon as things get difficult, they give up.

I was continually thinking about this after the training (especially since my hubby made a comment a few days later about how we need to be tougher on our kids and expect more from them), when I came across a sign someone had made that stated "We can do hard things".  I knew I needed this hanging in my home, but that I could also make my own.

I started with a 1x12 scrap I had in my garage and cut it down to size, it ended up being about 16 inches.  I painted this black.  Then I printed out my saying and simply colored on the back of the paper with pencil over all the lines, then put it colored side down and traced over the words transferring an outline to my wood.  Paint inside the lines with white (or whatever color you choose), let dry, and sand.  After it was all sanded, I wiped it off and sprayed it with a clear coat.  Then, simply add a saw toothed hanger on the back.  This will eventually sit on a ladder shelf, but I have to make it first.  It was a super easy project and best of all FREE!  Now it hangs proudly where everyone can see it and be reminded of it daily.


  1. My Rabbi says that when people say "but it's hard" as an excuse not to do something, he reminds them that "If it's hard, that just means it's possible."

  2. What a great idea! I love that... I need to be harder on my kids too. Love the saying by orisnori's rabbi too, fantastic! Need to put them on display in my home too!