Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cupcake onesies

It seems that everyone I know is having a baby right now, but instead of just giving them some onesies, why not dress it up a little and give them cupcake onesies.

Each cupcake consists of one onesie and one baby washcloth. First, lay out your onesie front side up.

Fold in the sides matching the side seams up the center, then simply fold in half again.

I found starting from the bottom of the onesies worked best, fold it over a couple inches, then start tightly rolling it up, making sure to let it “mound” a little so it has the shape of a real cupcake.

Enlist someone else to hold your cupcake tightly while you fold your washcloth in 4ths. Then simply roll it around the outside of your onesie,

and secure. I just used curling ribbon, but really you could use anything here, it won't show in the final product.

Next we need to make our cupcake wrappers. You can use any scrapbook paper you have, or print your own. I used some from a digital scrapbook kit I have.

On the backside of your paper, print the cupcake wrapper patterns. Cut them out and glue the edge by overlapping about ½-1 inch, depending on how tight you rolled your cupcakes. Wait for this to dry,

Then pop in your cupcake and admire how cute your onesies now look, they're almost cute enough to eat.

Cupcake Patterns


  1. wish you would have sent this to me just two days ago... I just sent off a boring baby present, and I totally could have made it cute with that! Next time I will for sure!

  2. So clever!! Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Adorable, I am definitely doing this for my next baby shower gift. Thanks for sharing.