Sunday, September 26, 2010

Flower Embellished Shorts

I found these really cute little shorts on clearance for my niece one day only to find out that she already had the exact same pair.  A few days later I was flipping through one of my friend’s scrapbook magazines and found these really cute flowers that they had created out of ribbon, buttons and paper.  I decided to change them up a little and add them to the shorts for my niece. 
You will need 3 strips of ribbon per flower.  I used the thinner ribbons so the flowers didn’t overpower the shorts.  I cut mine in 2 ½” lengths for the big flower and 1 ¾” lengths for the little flower.  Twist the ribbon into a loop and pin to secure.

For the stem and leaves, draw them onto iron on paper for appliqués, I use Heat-n-Bond Lite. 
Then iron them onto the back of a scrap of green fabric. 

Once they cool, cut them out and determine placement on the shorts.  Once you have them in place, iron them on.  You will then want to sew them in place using a blanket stitch.  I shortened the lengths of my stitches just a little just because the appliqués are so little.

You will then need to start placing your ribbon petals. 

Sew the middle petal in first using a close zigzag.

Then place and sew on the remaining 2 petals. 

Finish the flower with a button for the middle and enjoy! 

For the smaller flower, I twisted the petals the opposite way because of the print on the ribbon and to change it up a little.

I’m thinking I might change these up again and add them to pillows.  Stay tuned.

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