Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bathroom Redo

Now, in  all fairness, I know I did promise you pictures of a closet weeks ago.  In my defense, it is done (almost), but the pictures are on my old camera and it's a pain to pull out, and I got distracted.  I'll try and get them up next week.

In the meantime, I have an even MORE exciting project to share.  Forever ago, I received some free paint.  It's was a fine color (a sea blueish), and there were 5 gallons of it.  I painted a couple spots in our kids/main bath to see if I liked it, but realized the paint was cheap and there was NO WAY I was going to bother painting with it.  So, it sat like that, and sat, and sat, while more "important" projects kept getting done first.  Well last week, my husband walked in and said "just paint this bathroom, just use that color in the garage" (yes, I still have the cheap paint).  I explained I couldn't use it and for me to paint the bathroom it was going to take a little more than paint as I wanted to make a few other changes.  "How much?"  Well....  this time, not that many actually (right now, I have a few more plans for later, and I only spent about $100, so without further ado.  This isn't really a tutorial, just a before and after, but I'll give you a cost breakdown too.  I absolutely LOVE the transformation and finally have a bathroom I can be proud to have guests use.

The before

Standard builder bathroom, oak cabinet, kind of white walls, basic trim, 10 dollar ugly bathroom light and big plain mirror.  I kind of forgot to really take before pictures, so I've already taken the mirror and our cabinet we had up for storage down, but I'm sure you get the idea.

And After

When you open the door, this is now what you see.  New mirror, new light fixture, color on the walls (well sort of, it's a very pretty neutral gray.  I'm my mind it's the exact color of a gray card for any photographers out there).  Please excuse the quality of the photos, I simply don't have a wide enough angle lens on my camera to get pictures of the small space, so I used my cell phone.

Walk in behind the door.  I'm going to put up 3 hooks on that wall for towels and some sort of art above the board and batten.  I'll post pictures when I finally decide what I want there.  I have a few ideas swimming around my head.

And one view from the bathtub back out, you can kind of see my new light fixture in this one, also ignore the bathroom cleaner, that isn't really an integral part of the bathroom, but then, with 2 small boys peeing in that toilet, maybe it is.

Again, I'm in LOVE.  Later this year I'll be putting in tile, replacing the vanity completely, and taking out the medicine cabinet and putting in open shelves in it's place, but for now, I'm happy.

So cost breakdown:

Paint: we'll say 35 dollars.  One gallon gray, and I did buy one white, but hardly used any as I intend to use it repaint all the trim in the house.
Light: $25 bucks at Home Depot.
Mirror:  $20.  Found it at a Home Goods type store.  I did have to paint it white as I couldn't find any that were actually white.  I hoped to find something even cheaper at a goodwill, but had no luck and didn't want to wait until I could find something.
Wood: $10
Caulk: $1.50
Liquid Nails: $3.50, but again, going to use for some more projects hopefully next week
Paint rollers, tape, etc: $10

So for a total $105 plus tax, I have a whole new bathroom, and it only took me two days from start to finish.


  1. Looks Awesome! Now I can't wait to finish mine...I just started with the floors and they were a little more then $100...Once this baby comes and I can paint and varnish, then I can get mine finished.

  2. Love it!!!! Now we need to do the little bathroom in my Arizona house.

  3. I love it. That bathroom is exactly like mine and I would love to redo them. I love the board and batten behind the door. How did you do that exactly? I love the color and the new mirror. Now you've inspired me to redo ours...

  4. Justy,

    I simply used 1x4's, 1x2's, cut them to size, sanded and primed, then hung them up with liquid nails and real nails, caulked all the seams, and painted. It actually went up really easy and adds so much to the room. I used this method when nailing. Hope that helps some!


  5. Wow - good work, and I love the new color!