Monday, February 7, 2011

Sugar Cookies!

Sugar cookies seem to be a treat that can be made year round but always make an appearance at my house around Valentine’s Day!  Nothing like a big soft sugar cookie shaped like a heart covered in frosting and sprinkles to show you love someone!  I don’t have very good step by step pictures on this one because I had some “help” but it is an easy recipe. 

First gather your ingredients and dump them all in your mixing bowl.
Mix until well blended…dough will be sticky
Let your “helper” lick the beater…
Cover in plastic wrap and chill in the fridge overnight….
The next day, flour the counter and start rolling the dough out to your desired thickness and cut dough out using cookie cutters. 
Bake on greased cookie sheet for 8-10 minutes at 350*
Let cookies cool while you make frosting (or use whatever frosting you want…store bought, homemade, it all works).  We made buttercream frosting because I didn’t have any store bought. 
For frosting, cream butter and shortening together.  Add remaining ingredients and mix until well blended and fluffy.  Add food coloring if desired. 
To hopefully reduce the amount of mess, give your “helper” a couple cookies, a bowl of their own frosting (you know they will lick their fingers, spreader, and possibly cookie so this makes it so you know what cookies to give to Dad and what ones you can give to neighbors and friends), and a spreader on a cookie sheet. 
Frost cookies and decorate with sprinkles, candy, decorating gel or anything else you can think of that would be fun.  You can go as fancy or simple as you would like. 

Enjoy!  These cookies freeze great unfrosted and are still as soft when you get them out as they were when you put them in.  YUM!

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