Monday, May 16, 2011

Flower Pillow Part 2

It has definitely been a crazy couple of months.  Work hasn’t been good and I have been tirelessly looking for something new, but to no avail.  My dream is to move to never ending summer in Phoenix, but the job market doesn’t seem to be cooperating.  

During my breaks of looking for a new job, I have been trying to finish up my half started projects and I think I’ve done a pretty good job.  My two nephews finally got their Monster Albums (I have now made six of these quiet books, I found the pattern on and love it after I made a few alterations of course), my youngest niece got an adorable lady bug pillow for her birthday and I finished a really cute portfolio for my oldest niece’s birthday (I’ll be posting that one soon).  I have also finally finished my flower pillow, you were probably starting to wonder if I ever would, don’t worry, you aren’t alone.

Here are the final steps and the final product.  I LOVE it!

For the smaller middle petals, I used ½” grosgrain ribbon cut into 3” strips. 

Sew them on the same way that you finished the last layer of petals (close together in the center of the flower).  

I then finished the center of the flower with this great 3” wooden button that I fell in love with and spent way too much on.  I hand sewed it in place just before I finished the pillow so that it wouldn't get broken as I added the borders.

I used a pink cotton for the back and border on this pillow.  The pink border is 1” wide and then I finished that with another white border that was also 1” wide.  For both of these borders, you will want to cut your fabric at 3” wide so that you have ½” seams on both sides.  I sewed the pink sides on first and then the top; then started over again with the white sides.

For the back, cut a square 14.5” x 14.5” to match the front.  I used an invisible zipper to finish up the side of the pillow and make it easy to remove if needed (remember that you only have ½” seams as you sew the zipper in).   Then sew the remaining sides together, again with ½” seams.  Last, stuff the pillow with a 14” pillow form and enjoy.

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