Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Star Wreath

My sister came across this really cute star wreath that we decided to make while I was visiting her.  The stars were made out of paper and so we headed out looking for some fun cardstock in patriotic colors and prints.  We never thought it would be so hard to find printed cardstock and didn’t want plain stars, so we bought fabric instead and worked on the star pillow that she posted earlier.  Yeah, mine isn't done yet, but it will be for next year.

I still wanted a star wreath and really liked the idea of the fun patterns that you can find on paper, so I decided to reinvent my own.  This was complete in time for July, I had it finished and hanging on my door with a couple of hours left on the first.  It was pretty dark by then, so I took a picture of it in the house.  I was pretty pleased with myself, usually they will get started and I end up finishing and using them the next year, or the next.

I started out with different sizes of wooden stars that I picked up at the craft store, a wooden wreath form and ribbon to match my papers.  The papers and the modge podge came from my stash at home.

Lay your stars out on the back of the paper and cut them out with an exacto knife.  Then you will modge podge them onto each of the stars.  I coat the stars first then lay the paper on top and smooth out the bubbles as best as I can.  Then paint a layer on the top of the paper.  

While your stars dry, cover the wooden wreath form with ribbon.  I used a hot glue gun to keep it in place on the back, just at the end of the ribbon.  

Then lay your stars out on the wreath to determine placement.  I used little wooden blocks under some of the stars to provide depth to the wreath.  Once you have them placed, you can use your hot glue gun to attach them.

Last finish up with some ribbon behind some of the stars, it helps give it some good texture; and a ribbon “hook” at the top to hang it.  Now it's ready for your front door.

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