Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cranberry Relish

Cranberries are a must at Thanksgiving and this recipe was shared with me from my Mother-in-law who received it from her Grandmother.  I love recipes that have been in families forever.  I can only make this recipe when I have others to share it with or before I know it, I have eaten it all.  I guess it is okay since it is healthy!

First gather all of your ingredients
*Fresh Cranberries (I like to stock up on these when they are on sale right now and stick them in my freezer so I can enjoy them all year round)
*Apple/s (mine was quite large so I only used one
*Orange, you need 1/2 the peel
*Sugar Free Jell-O in Cranberry or Raspberry

Chop your Cranberries, then your apple/s and orange with peel.  Combine all fruit.

Mix in Jell-o and Sugar, if desired.  It will then turn a BEAUTIFUL deep red color and you will not be able to resist a spoonful or two (or seven...teen).  Put in fridge for a few hours or overnight for flavors to mix really well.  Enjoy!  This is now a winter staple for me, especially when oranges are in season and full of flavor!

I am sure your house is very similar to ours on Thanksgiving.  All or most of the cooking cannot take place until the day before or morning of.  All of us girls will be busy cooking and getting ready for our Thanksgiving feast.  If I remember, I will take a picture of our buffet to show what a true Thanksgiving with our houseful of girls really is.  November has seemed to be a crazy month for our family as one has moved into a new house, others are up to their ears in work, and all that are moms are trying to find new crafts to do with our kiddos as the weather cools and Christmas is approaching.  Stay tuned for our post Thanksgiving posts that are FULL of Christmas as it is our favorite time of the year!

Have a wonderful & safe Thanksgiving!!!


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  2. MMMM so yummy. I make a similar relish, but I have never used the jello in it. Gotta try that.