Thursday, November 18, 2010

Turkey Napkin Rings

I will be the only sister not joining the rest of the family for Thanksgiving this year.  So I have to make my own decor and fun.  I'm not a super entertainer (especially when it's just going to be our family plus one), but I wanted to have a little something to spice up the table.  So I came up with some cute little turkeys (well, in addition to the 3 I take care of every day) to hold our napkins.

This is a super easy project that takes very little time.  So if you need a little something extra before next week, you could make a bunch of these in an hour.  Start with 3 sheets of foam (one sheet of brown did 6 turkeys, the red and yellow would do a hundred, at least), you need brown, red, and yellow, Glue, Feathers, and Googly Eyes.

 Cut the brown foam into strips 4.5x2 inches (your sheet should be 9x12 so cut them into 2x9 strips, and then cut down).  Remember, you can get about 6 turkeys from this sheet, so if that's all you are doing, only cut 6 rectangles out, and leave the other half of the sheet for the bodies.
 Glue then into a circle.  I found hot glue worked the best, so ignore the picture of white glue and the craft glue at the top.
 Next, make a pattern for your body.  Fold a piece of paper in half, draw on half a body, and cut out.  Then compare to your circles and adjust as needed.  You want the bottom half of the body to be about the same width as the circle.
 Glue them in place over the seam on the circle.
 Cut out little triangles from the yellow and gobbles from the red and attach.  Then add some eyes.
 Finally, pull out your feathers.  Glue the feathers to the back of the body, tucked down where it meets the circle.  I have 5 feathers per turkey, you can use what looks best to you.
Grab the center of your napkin and push through your ring.  All Done!  Easy, cheap, and cute (if I may say so myself).


  1. So cute. Love their googly eyes.

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  2. I love this idea. I think it will a great addition to the Thanksgiving table!!!

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  5. Love the cute turkeys. Thanks for sharing! Following you for the Thanksgiving Feast@ Oopsey Daisy!

  6. So cute! and the real feathers would be a huge hit with my kids. :) Thanks for linking up this project to theme party Thursday.

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  8. Very cute! Love the colorful feathers! Hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful!
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  9. WOW!!! These are super duper cute! What a FUN way to spruce up the Thanksgiving table! I bet kids would LOVE to make these, too!! Thanks so much for sharing at my Thanksgiving feast! Enjoy your weekend!