Thursday, January 13, 2011

Build & Grow Clinic

I find myself trying to come up with things to do with my daughter (who is 3), especially in the winter when it is so cold outside.  This past summer we were at Lowe’s a lot (put up a fence around our whole backyard) and it always seemed to be on Saturday mornings.  Lowe’s offers Build & Grow Clinics for kids on Saturday mornings at 10 am.  During the summer it seems like they are every weekend but during the winter they aren’t so check and see when they are offered.  This was a great activity.  First off, it is FREE!  It teaches your kids how to follow instructions, use tools, and they get to take home what they create.  I love that Lowe’s offers this for kids (and parentsOpen-mouthed smile).  Nothing better then free activities for kids.  Check out what clinics are available at  After a few clinics, your kids will feel confident in helping with the big projects…Like replacing a fence!



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