Monday, January 10, 2011

Painting Snow

I’m sure everyone has heard of using spray bottles filled with colored water to paint pictures in the snow. We have done that but found it was hard for the toddlers to squeeze the trigger and make it spray, especially with gloves on. This year we tried a different and easier way for them.

I bought squirt bottles at Walmart for $.97.  They can be used for many different things but when you have 18+ inches of the white snow outside colored water is the best.

Next fill each one using a little more food coloring than you think you might need and add water to fill to the top. The more food coloring the bolder the colors.
Now after getting ready to play in the snow, you know the ritual of getting snowsuits, hats, gloves, boots, etc. the fun begins. Yes we weren’t really prepared for this as boots were forgotten and gloves didn’t stay on. Oh well it was fun anyways.

Notice it makes lots of little dots in the snow. Polka Dots! We found this is better done on less snow that in the really deep stuff. It seems to disappear as it sinks to the bottom.
What a fun and cheap activity. Remember to follow up with snow angels!
And back inside SNOWCONES!


  1. What fun! This is such a good idea:) I'm doing it tomorrow with my kids. Thanks!

  2. Cute idea! You should link up at 'Fun for Kids Friday'

  3. i wish i could do this with my son. we live in Mississippi though and we are lucky if we get one day of snow in 3 years. we got some the other day but it melted the next morning. (it was only a few cm.) this does seem like a cool idea though. maybe i can come up with something for mud.