Saturday, January 15, 2011

Painted Pillow Top

January becomes a ‘work on house’ month because of the cold. Who wants to go outside, the holidays are over so I have time to make things for the house. To be honest I usually paint a room or two but I have a couple weeks before I can do that. And I’ve looked at these pillows on many websites but the price is a lot higher than I’m willing to pay so I figured I’d just make my own. I live in a small rural town at the foot of the mountains but my heart is always on the beach. I decided many years ago it doesn’t matter where you live make your house the one you want to go home to. So mine is a beach house.

First gather your supplies. Fabric for the top and bottom, pillow form, freezer paper, fabric paint and picture you want painted on.

I first cut out the front and back fabric 2 inches bigger than your pillow form. I am using a 14 inch pillow so I cut them 16 inches. I also put iron on interfacing on the back of the font piece since it wasn’t as heavy fabric as I decided I wanted.  Than make sure the picture fits inside the way you want. Next trace it onto the paper side of the freezer paper. Cut out where you want it painted.

I put a copy of the picture under the fabric so I can make sure all the pieces are in the right place. Now iron the freezer paper onto the fabric. It goes on really easy but if you make a mistake just peel off and do it again. You can iron it on a few times before it doesn’t stick right.
Now carefully paint the pattern. I used a foam brush. Just make sure you get it everywhere you want. If you need add more till you have the look you want. Remember to put some paper under the fabric just incase of any bleeding through to the surface you are painting on. When you are done just peel off the freezer paper. I did even before it was completely dry because I’m impatient.   Man that looks good!
When it’s dry lay the top and back wrong sides together and zigzag around the pillow leaving most of one side open to insert pillow form. Then press the seam up. I use the zigzag stitch to give me the guide for hem. Seems to fold up easier.

Fold the back to the front 1/2 inch and pin around 3 sides and just a little on the 4th side, mitering the corners, Sew close to the edge. Stuff the pillow form inside.

Fold and pin the last side. I use lots of pins because the pillow form makes it a little harder to sew. I also use my zipper foot so it will go right along the edge of the pillow.

Now  enjoy!   I need to make a couple more and also thought some coaster to match would be cute.


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