Friday, January 7, 2011

Closet Redo

Well, I was scheduled to post this week.  I had my project all thought up and planned out, it was going to be awesome.  Then I went to pick up the couple items I needed AND nothing.  They didn't have them, I'm hoping they were just out and I can still do my project later and post it, so I don't want to say too much yet till I check around a little more.

No problem.  I had a back up plan, it was also going to be awesome.  It wasn't a huge project but something I thought up and figured would change the world.  WELL, it semi-failed, enough that I'm not posting it at all.

So instead of a completed project, you get to join me in my New Year's Resolution, make serious progress on this house, mostly in terms of organization.  First up, the office.

It functions as an office/craft room/catch all.  EVERYTHING ends up in here, it's a disaster.  It's also where we spend a lot of time, my husband spends his downtime on the computer, I spend off and on all day in there, and we need a space that is put together and doesn't give us a headache every time we go in there.

First up is the closet.  And I'm going to share the transformation over the next week with you.

At first glance it doesn't look too bad (and yes, those doors are going far far away).

Then you open them up.

See, everything.  I've attempted previous quick thrown together organizational methods, but it's just not cutting it.  Especially since things are just set on shelves and can cause hazards when you try to find stuff.  As an example, there is a sword (an unsharp replica one) in there somewhere, one day, trying to get things off the top shelf, the sword that was hiding, came tumbling down.  The back of the sword landed square on the top of my foot.  I may have sworn (and I normally don't do that).  I had a 2 inch diameter circle bruise on top of my foot for a week and it hurt to walk for 2 days.  Something has to change.

So, now back to the transformation.   First, I've drawn out a plan.

The center may look like wasted space, but it's reserved for a specific item, so it's left empty till I can obtain it.  We definitely need lots of shelves, but I also have lots of craft supplies I want stored yet easy to get too.  So on the right side, I'm putting pegboard and then two shelves.  This also makes it possible for me to get all the shelves out of one sheet of MDF.

See, it all fits so nicely.

The rest of the schedule?  Saturday I'm going to go buy a sheet of 4x8 MDF and have Lowes cut it down for me.  A small tip if you decide to have them cut it, make sure they are exact in their measurements.  I've had some guys do great and others are off by 1/2 an inch, it makes for a pain when you try to put things together.  I'll also be picking up 10 1x2s to use as cleats to screw the boards into and paint.  Monday and Tuesday, I'll clean it all out and get rid of anything that isn't important, Wednesday, install the shelves, Thursday and Friday, paint, and put it all back together on Sat, and have a much happier closet.  So, check in next week and see if I actually got it all done.  I'm counting on you guys to check up on me and make sure I didn't slack off ;).

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  1. I'll be there to see it done on Mon. Jan 17th. That gives you the week you need to get it done. But does this mean no more hours spent talking on the computer every day?