Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chain Necklace

I am always looking for a cute chain necklace to add a spark to some of my more boring tops so I decided to make one that works with lots of different things. It is way easy to make too

What you will need.
Five different chains of your choice, jump rings, and one big necklace clasps. I used different colored chains but you can do any chains that you like together.
First take your chains and cut them to the right lengths. Start by cutting the shortest chain 14” long then add an inch to each chain as you cut. You should end up with a 14” chain, 15” chain, 16” chain, 17” chain, and 18” chain. You will also need to cut a 10” piece of one of your smaller chains for the back of the necklace.
You then need to attach all of the chains together with a jump ring. I used a medium sized jump ring so all my chains would fit. You will do this to both sides. Make sure you put the longest chain on the ring first and the shortest last so they will hang nicely on your neck.
The last step is to add the back chain and clap. Take one edge of the chains attaching the back chain to the jump ring. On the other side take one half of the clap and attach it to the jump ring. Then take the other edge and attach it to the back chain, you might need to use a jump ring to attach the back chain to the clap. You now have a great necklace to spice up any outfit.



  1. I love this! I just picked up jewelry making and this looks like a great thing to try out! Thanks for sharing! :)

    Amie @

  2. This is awesome! Thanks for the tutorial! I'll have to try this.

  3. This is pretty! I love mixing metals like this1 Looks like something you bought in a store!

  4. Love this necklace and your thinking outside the box. The big lobster clasp is perfect and so is the asymmetrical style. Great job.