Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Costumes

When looking back at all of our Halloween costumes, I can't think of any that were store bought. Our amazing mom always made our Halloween costumes and they were great! This created a love in all of us girls to create our own kids Halloween costumes. We thought it would be fun for the four of us that have kids to post our kids costumes this year that were handmade.

My little girl was Minnie Mouse.  I can't really take credit for the tutu idea since Carrie found it for me but I loved it!  I created her tutu out of red tulle and hand sewed white felt polka dots onto the strips.  For her ears, I created the bow out of red felt and glued the polka dots on with cardstock ears behind the bow onto a headband.  I am all about being able to wear things again so the red shirt, black leggings, black tights (couldn't find black socks and an extra layer for warmth in Utah is almost necessary), and black shoes are now added to her wardrobe to wear again and again.

When I asked C what she wanted to be this year, she quickly answered "Tinkerbell, and P can be Rosetta".  Knowing that I had a Tinkerbell and friends pattern it should be pretty easy.  A few weeks before Halloween I went searching for the pattern.  Having my life in boxes and storage makes things a bit challenging this year.  When I couldn't find it, I thought I would just go for it myself.  Started cutting, sewing, and making alterations as I went along.  This is what it they ended up looking like.  After adding some wings found at Wal Mart, and tights and onesies to keep warm, we had a great time with our little Tinkerbell and Rosetta this year!  Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!!!

I'm going to add mine in two stages.  Our oldest's school does a storybook parade every year right before Halloween.  The kids get to wear a costume, BUT they have to choose a character from a book and dress up as them.  I'm a complete sucker and keep agreeing to 2 costumes, one, the Halloween costume she picked, and two, the last minute scramble to make sure we have  a storybook character.  I'm hoping I'll eventually learn and make her choose one costume, but for now, I give you Bethany, the Ballet Fairy.

I need to take the kids out today and get good pictures of them in their costumes, then we'll be back with the official Halloween post!

Last year I made us a family of super heroes, The Incredibles.  I even sewed muscles into my husbands costume.  He was so proud of his costume that the next day he said next year our son has to be a muscled Ninja.  So it was my task to figure it out and this is what we ended up with:

He has such great Ninja moves.  It makes his daddy so proud!

I made a little pair of black knit pants, then made the long sleeve black tee with the muscles sewn in.  I love pattern making, so I took on the challenge to do it all myself.  I love how it turned out and will be doing some great pattern making tutorials coming soon.  We bought him a Ninja weapon set that came with a hood.  But he wouldn't wear it :( so he ended up looking like Batman with out a mask.  Oh well, we had a blast!

I'm back for take two, the actual Halloween costumes.

I let each kid just pick what they wanted this year, The oldest went with Southern Belle, mostly cause she saw a picture of the costume in an add and fell in love with the hat.  She did have the requirement that the dress had to touch the floor as well.

The middle child settled on a race car driver fairly early and never changed his mind, I was kind of shocked.  I think he thought he was getting an actual racecar, but didn't seem too disappointed when it wasn't included with the costume.

 He's so good, all the major brands want in on the action.  I must admit, I'm really loving the way this costume turned out.
The last child is Batman, and not just for Halloween, he is literally Batman everyday.  He got a cape from Grandma for Christmas last year and has pretty much worn it every day (even to sleep in) and every where we go since.  He also introduces himself to people as Batman. I gave him a few other suggestions but no, there was no deterring him, at least the costume was easy, as it was already done and in his dress up box or on him.  I did intend to get a mask made, but it got missed in the craziness that was this week.

 And he's off to save the world.
We hope you all had a very fun Halloween!


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