Thursday, October 7, 2010

Spider Web Table Runner

Apparently Carrie and I were sharing brainwaves this week, as we both picked a table runner, so, there's one for your dining table and one for an accent table!  So I give you, the spider web table runner.

You'll need:
Black fabric, I used 1 yard of black Kona cotton
 Batting, the thin stuff
White thread
Sewing machine

First determine how large you would like your individual spider webs to be and pick a bowl about that size.  THEN pick a larger bowl then the one you are holding and put the smaller one away.  Trust me.  You lose a lot of bulk when you cut out the spider web shape, so you want to start bigger then you think you'll need.  Trace around the outside of the bowl on paper.

Then, using the outside of the circle as a guide, create your spider web shape and cut out your pattern, adding about 1/4 inch around the entire outside to allow for seams.
Now, use your pattern to cut out your fabric, you need 2 black shapes per spider web, so I used 12 black spider webs total.  Layer 2 pieces right sides together, then place them on top of a piece of batting.
Sew around your spider web using 1/4 inch seam, leaving one section completely open, then trim the batting to match and clip your points.
Turn right side out and iron.  Then, zig zag your open seam closed.

Now to make the spines.  Start in the center and sew out towards a point, then simply pivot your machine 180 degrees and sew back down that same line to the center (shown below if you can see it, it was dark that day and I forget I can use flash).  Continue for each of your points.  Don't worry if they don't line up perfectly, it just adds to your spider webby feel.

For the inside spirals, I shortened my machine stitch just a touch, this made it easier to maneuver and line things up better on the small inside.  Start on one spine, sew a sweeping line to the next, and the next.  When you get back to the start, simply sew up the spine a little, and start over.
Take your next web and line it up over the open seam covering it completely.  Pin in place and then simply sew the spines and circle webbing in the same manner, making sure to catch the underneath web.
At one point, you will need to have a web on top of all the others.  For this one, I chose one of the bigger sides to leave open, sew in slightly on each point, as opposed to leaving the entire section open.  When you flip it right side out, it should naturally turn under.
Iron this, then simply hand sew it closed.
Layer this on top of all the other webs, making sure to cover up any unfinished sections.  I put mine in the middle.  Sew the spines and center circles as before.
Continue adding webs till it's the size and shape you'd like!  I ended up adding a couple "underneath" and simply attached these with a little hand stitching from the bottom.
These would also make AWESOME place mats, in either black, or fun Halloween colors (orange, purple, green, etc).
Now to go dig out all my other Halloween decorations to finish out the centerpiece.  Enjoy!

I'm linking up to Between U and Me Crazy Cute link party.

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  1. i love the idea of this blog. keep all the awesomeness coming!

  2. This turned out awesome! This project makes me want to dust off the sewing machine. LOL! I'm so happy you shared this at Between U & Me! I hope to see you next week! ;)

  3. You can tell you worked hard on that one that is a lot of sewing! Way to go it's super cute!

  4. Thanks everyone!

    Hillary, it didn't really take as long as you'd think. After getting them put together, sewing the spider webs went fairly quick.

  5. That is so cute. Wish I could have to be patient, however it does pay off, this looks fantastic!

  6. Kimmie Love this runner! So clever and creative! Thanks so much for linking to The Sunday Showcase. I'll be featuring this today. Stop by and grab a featured button if you like. Hope you have a wonderful week. ~ Stephanie Lynn

  7. very cute! My mom would love this for her house, maybe I'll have to make her a fun halloween gift!!!

  8. This is absolutely darling! How clever! Thanks for sharing!


  9. Very cute! And EXCELLENT instruction!
    You should come link this up to my Making It With Allie party!

  10. Done Allie! Thanks so much for the link.

  11. This is inspired and wonderfully spooky! Good, clear instructions and it looks great, you clever woman.

  12. That is fabulous!! I apsolutely love it. Thank you, thank you for linking it up!!

  13. great tutorial!!! thank you for sharing!

  14. very cute! at first I thought they were store bought ones and you sewed them together! Awesome job!

    hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!