Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wooden Pumpkins

I love the holiday seasons. I’ve always decorated my home with lots of fun things for the holidays. My style has changed some with my kids growing up. I had a few years where glass became popular in my decorations but now with grandkids the non breakables are a lot more appealing again. There are various versions of wooden pumpkins, this is mine. I paint them without faces so they can be used from Oct. 1st through Thanksgiving.
So if you have an afternoon you can make these. They are that simple.


Cut a variety of sizes of pumpkins from a 2 X 4. The stems are cut from 1 X 1. I just used scraps in my hubby’s workshop.  Any one can do this. This was my first time using the ‘big’ saw. My hubby would usually cut whatever I wanted using his saws and all I ever used was my scroll saw and jig saw. It was fun, I will be using it again and again now.
Then sand the edges so they are all different. This gives each on their own personality. I like to really exaggerate the sanded edges.  I cut leaves from 1/2 thick wood and drill a small hole in the end.
Smad edges
Gather the rest of the materials together.
Acrylic Paint in orange, brown, and green. Glue (I used gorilla glue) and green florist wire.
materials 1
Paint 2 coats on each item. Set aside to dry. The good thing about acrylics is they dry fast.
When they are dry randomly sand the edges to give that worn look.
sand edges
I spray everything with a clear varnish. I use Krylon Crystal Clear. It just seems to help make dusting easier and give them a finished look.
glue together
I then drilled a very small hole in the back of the stem. Just big enough to insert a couple wires. Cut one wire about 10-12 inches long and the other about 5 inches. Glue into hole and let sit to dry.
attaching wire
Wrap wire around stem and attach leaf with the longer piece. I use the smaller piece to come around and create  the curly-q
Set out for all to enjoy!  These are simple enough anyone can make them. With the help of mom and grandma my 3 yr old granddaughter made on for herself.
Happy Fall,


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  2. Hi Sheri! Just wanted to let you know I featured these today. Too Cute! Thanks so much for linking up to the Sunday Showcase Party. I greatly appreciate it. Stop by and grab a featured button if you like. Hope you have a wonderful week! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  3. Those wooden pumpkins are just adorable, and very unique! I haven't seen anything else like them. :)

  4. Those are sooo cute! I have seen a million different wooden pumpkins but none like these, I love the wooden leafs!!

    I love this blog soo far!!

    - Michelle @ Bunch of Craft

  5. These are really cute! I'm loving the little curly wire detail! :)

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